Social Issue Clocks

The senior class of 2024 designed one-of-a-kind 12-inch clocks to represent a social issue of choice or the NASA Psyche Mission. The clock is meant to collide the concept of time with the student’s chosen topic in a seamless and eye-catching manner.

These beautiful clocks are available for purchase during the live event on November 9th. The clock auction will kickstart the show, running from 6:007:45p.m. Clock bids start at $60.

Students whose topic was NASA Psyche will not be available for purchase. 

You won’t want to miss this – catch a sneak preview of the clocks available below!

Lucas Baker

Hazardous Materials in Adult Toys

Anna Belding

Defund + Divest: American Police are Overfunded

Luis Blanco

COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on Hispanic Communities

Abby Bowser

Psychological Harm of Conspiracy Theories

Tam Bui

The Academic Freedom Decline

Keeley Cahill

NASA Psyche Mission

Alyn Chen

Political Censorship in Media

Ruijie Chen

Human Rights issues in China and Northern Myanmar

Clara Christensen

The Impact of Social Media on Depression

Isabelle Clem

Spatial Mismatch Via Public Transit

Edwardo Cruz

Homelessness Effect on People with Disabilities

Josie Donda

Coral Bleaching

Dahlia Duenas

Poultry in United States

Elke Fajut

Suicide Rates in Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

Cheyenne Farnsworth

HIV and AIDS Awareness

Daria Gatowska

Gentrification in the United States

Delaney Gerasta

Easing End-of-Life Suffering Through Palliative Care

Isabela Glass

School Shooting Trends in the United States

Caylie Gronwold

Racial Disparities in Marijuana Arrests

Kylie Halliburton

The Mental Harms of Excessive Social Media Use

Grace Hammond

One Pill Can Kill: Fentanyl Epidemic Among Adolescents

Nikole Henriques

NASA Psyche Mission

Mario Hernandez

The Displacement of Indegenious People Due to Deforestation

Alyssa Herrera

Physical Inaccessibility in Public Spaces

Vianka Jauregui

Racial Disparities In The Unhoused Population

Isabelle Johnson

Anxiety in Women

Silvia Kooinga

Decriminalizing Psychadelics for Psychiatric Use

Megan MacDonald

The Unethical Mining of Cobalt

Shea McCrohan

NASA Psyche Mission

Taeya Meier

The Evolution of Gun Control Laws in the United States

Denice Melitante

Suburban Design: Your Car-centric Neighborhood

Maya Mileti

Animal Agriculture: Climate Change, Illness, Pandemics & Extreme Cruelty

Belial Miramontes

Art Censorship

Blake Moratalla

NASA Psyche Mission

Hannah Myers

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Jayke Pack

The Benefits of Therapy

Luke Padwe

Confronting the Machine: AI Bias’s Dire Impact on Society

Haley Paloma

Bias in Locative Predictive Policing

Demitrius Paris

Loss of Biodiversity

Morgan Park

NASA Psyche Mission

Quinn Patterson

Rising Heat and Homelessness

Riley Perdue

The Depravity of Conversion Therapy

Carla Perez

Human Trafficking in the United States

Tya Rowitz

Representation of Women in Media

Andres Salazar

Space Junk

Leah Scott

The Cycle of Poverty in Communities of Color

Taryn Story

When Chronic Pain and Disability Becomes Chronic Addiction

Eunice Sun

NASA Psyche Mission

Shaye Tompsett

Book Banning

Jose Villalobos

Overpopulation Affecting Earth’s Biodiversity

Tyler Wagner

Surveillance States

Yixiao Wang

Plastic Marine Pollution

Zijin Xu

Artificial Intelligence and Future Employment

Jieru Zhou

Teenager Shooting and Violence

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